Mutiny in the shadows

Philip Giraldi confirms that part of the U.S. intelligence community rebelled back in late August.

Faced with demands from the National Security Council to provide stronger evidence supporting the administration’s case that the Syrian regime had carried out the gas attacks on 21 August, quite a few analysts said no. Unless their strong disagreement was noted in any report made public, they threatened to resign as a group.

Their superiors (in particular John Brennan and James Clapper) had no choice but to back down. So, rather than getting the favourable National Intelligence Estimate it had expected, the Administration issued a “Government Assessment” stripped of any serious evidence or the backing of the intelligence community.

While it’s reassuring that these analysts refused to knuckle under there’s no reason for complacency. The near total failure of mainstream US media to question the government’s claims (again) is astounding, particularly when embarrassed mea culpas stemming from the intelligence debacle in the runup to the Iraq war must still be ringing in at least some of their ears. Their subservience to power is deeply depressing.

Let’s hope awareness of this quiet drama goes viral. The higher the cost of political deception, the better.

(h/t SST)


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