Israel does not want peace | Gideon Levy in Haaretz

Disconnected from reality, the majority of Israelis pursue their regular way of life. In their mind’s eye the world is always against them, and the areas of occupation on their doorstep are beyond their realm of interest. Anyone who dares criticize the occupation policy is branded an anti-Semite, every act of resistance is perceived as an existential threat. All international opposition to the occupation is read as the “delegitimizing” of Israel and as a provocation to the country’s very existence. The world’s seven billion people – most of whom are against the occupation – are wrong, and six million Israeli Jews – most of whom support the occupation – are right. That’s the reality in the eyes of the average Israeli.

Add to this the repression, the concealment and the obfuscation, and you have another explanation for the rejectionism: Why should anyone strive for peace as long as life in Israel is good, calm prevails and the reality is concealed? The only way the besieged Gaza Strip can remind people of its existence is by firing rockets, and the West Bank only gets onto the agenda these days when blood is shed there. Similarly, the viewpoint of the international community is only taken into account when it tries to impose boycotts and sanctions, which in their turn immediately generate a campaign of self-victimization studded with blunt – and at times also impertinent – historical accusations.

This, then, is the gloomy picture. It contains not a ray of hope. The change will not happen on its own, from within Israeli society, as long as that society continues to behave as it does. The Palestinians have made more than one mistake, but their mistakes are marginal. Basic justice is on their side, and basic rejectionism is the Israelis’ purview. The Israelis want occupation, not peace.

I only hope I am wrong.

via Israel does not want peace – Israel Conference on Peace Israel News | Haaretz.



One thought on “Israel does not want peace | Gideon Levy in Haaretz

  1. How could it be otherwise?

    Israel has a major superpower (the one that spends nearly 50% of the world’s budget of military spending) willing to block any sort of international pressure to resolve the conflict.

    That same superpower subsides its military and cooperates on covert operations against Iran and other forces that Israel designates as its enemies.

    The reactionary politicians in Israel have learned that constant war (supported by constant war whoops) entrenches it in power.

    Israel’s iron fist prevents any real kind of confrontation, but also produces enough resentment that periodic outrages are committed against it. These outrages are used as “proof” that peace can never be had.

    No one in Israel or among its “friends” has any incentive for peace. It’s a situation where the “externalities” of the status quo are not borne by any one that matters only Palestinians, Israel’s foreign supporters, and the random occasional Israeli citizen. Until those externalities are directed to the people who perpetuate this situation, nothing is going to happen. And the one force that can make the biggest difference, Israel’s superpower patron (and occasional victim of its espionage and other nefarious dealings) is politically incapacitated by perhaps the most efficient lobbying effort ever mounted, rivaled only by the NRA.

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