Anthony Albanese: Labor has gone too far in supporting national security laws | The Guardian

At a time like this the security agencies will take the opportunity to impose things that have been in their bottom drawer for a long period of time. I believe our agencies, including Asio, do a great job for this nation … but it’s also the case in a democratic country like ours – we’re talking about fighting for freedom, it’s important to ensure freedom is protected and not given up.

That’s Anthony Albanese on Sky News’ Australian Agenda on Sunday morning. The Guardian’s report continued.

Albanese argued the impact of theNew law should be closely examined by everyone. “There are legitimate criticisms and they need to be responded to by the government.

He signalled the laws might need to be wound back. “I’m concerned about the rights of journalists. I’m someone who has consistently supported the rights of media to report.”

Asked whether his critique was supported by other senior figures, Albanese said: “I’m speaking for myself.”

Indeed he was, at least in official Labor Party terms. Here’s Shorten’s response as reported by The Age.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Shorten said Labor had not made a mistake in voting for the legislation.

“No I don’t think so, we had a good discussion within the ranks before voting for this legislation,” he told Sky.

“Over the weekend Anthony’s made some comments, I understand the concerns about press freedom.

“I am confident that Labor is getting that balance right, I am confident that we are having the sorts of debates which the nation expects of its Parliament.”

Uh huh. One can only hope that he’s wrong.


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