Sayonara . . .

The shifts in geopolitical alignments haven’t slowed, nor has the broad direction of movement changed. China and Russia’s gravitational pull is slowly drawing in a disparate group of nations, all in their different ways eager to lessen US influence.

If America won’t cede its post-Soviet hyperpower status and accept a more balanced and complex world, it’s likely to be a troubled decade or two. With their foreign policy heavily driven by desire and politics rather than reality, it’s not easy to be particularly hopeful.

And then there’s the economic storm clouds massing just over the horizon: gross overindebtedness; persistent imbalances; central banks and governments fighting symptoms rather than causes; looming demographic shifts; and so on ad nauseam.

Interesting times, certainly.

As for me, I haven’t felt any desire lately to comment on these developments, fascinating though they are. Whether that will change any time soon, I don’t know. So, for the moment, sayonara.

4 thoughts on “Sayonara . . .

  1. As someone who has just come back from an absence caused by frustration at being a voice crying in a cyber wilderness, let me express the hope that I will read you soon again. This is a purely selfish wish, since I can’t claim it will benefit you in any way.

  2. Ah DK, you’re very kind. For some reason, your words called this brief poem of Thomas McGrath’s (entitled Epitaph) to mind.

    “Again, traveller, you have come a long way led by that star.

    But the kingdom of the wish is at the other end of the night.

    May you fare well, compañero; let us journey together joyfully,

    Living on catastrophe, eating the pure light.”

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